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S3D - Program in 3D Stereoscopic Film Making


VFXPlus is amazing career program based on Visual Effects delivering the skilled and quality manpower for the local Stereoscopy(commonly known as 3D imaging) is massively being used in the biggest Hollywood and Bollywood movie projects. S3D is a industry-oriented program which gives a complete understanding  of stereoscopic conversion process and stereoscopic production, involving an in-depth learning of Rotoscopy, Tracking, clean plate generation, Stereo Compositing and methods of the stereoscopic conversion process.

Course Duration : 144 HRS

Course Content

  • Digital Enhancement

  • Basics of Compositing

  • Concepts of Stereoscopy

  • Depth creation for 2D/3D

  • Conversion

  • Clean Plate Creation

  • Advanced Node Based Compositing

  • Rotoscopy

  • Planar Tracking

  • Match Moving

Software Cover

  • Adobe Photoshop™

  • Adobe After Effects™

  • Nuke™

  • Silhoutte™

  • Mocha™

  • PFTrack™

Career Option

  • Roto Artist

  • Depth Artist

  • Stereo Compositor

  • Match Moving Artist

  • Clean Plate Artist

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