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Short Term Courses


Compositing Plus

The course Compositing Plus will give the students the full understanding on the same topics motioned in the Advanced Compositing course and on top of that it also includes Digital Design, Layer-Based Compositing, Node-Based Compositing and Match Moving.

Course Duration : 172 HRS

Course Content

  • Digital Design

  • Layer-Based Compositing

  • Node-Based Compositing

  • Art of Rotoscopy

  • Art of Rotoscopy

  • Match Moving

  • Camera Tracking

  • Title Graphics

  • Stereoscopic Pipeline

  • 3D Camera Projection

  • Live Action Compositing

Software Cover

  • Adobe Photoshop 

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Fusion

  • Mocha

  • Silhouette

  • 3d Equalizer

  • Nuke

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